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Online Presence

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Image Optimisation

Images plays a major role in optimising SEO for all online media. An Image with "Picture 12454" has no SEO value.
Another image Title "Melbourne Hairdresser"; Caption "Melbourne Hair Salon" Description "Melbourne premier Hair Stylist can offer Perms, Foils....

Online Presence to Improve

Your Hair Salon Bottom Line


Hairdressers in your local area (Brisbane, Gold Coast or any other) are all interested in improving their profits, how are are you going to make yourself stand out from the crowd? How are potential clients going to find you instead of another hairdresser? How are clients going to find you if you move from one salon to another?

Yellow Pages are not as effective as they have been, Local Newspaper advertising is slowly dying as consumers look elsewhere to find news and social interaction.

To get more customers you need to go where they are, Online and in Social Media. This requires you to have your personal online hairdresser website and social pages so your customers can see and read about your news and daily specials and...........

Your site can be either a static website or it can be a blog which is like an online diary where you write down your thoughts, ideas and inspiration. You will need to list your contact information on the site so that potential clients and current clients will be able to reach you.

Similar one or several social media sites can enhance your Hair Salon image and (standing in the community). These pages as implied are more social, describing happening of the hair salon and other interactions with your local community. the occasional technical article and sales page is acceptable, if it  is creditable.



You also need to have some type of auto responder on the site so that people can sign up for your mailing list and you can send them information about your current specials or if you have any type of special offer. It is also a good idea to send out some type of communication via e-mail just to remind them of upcoming special events where they might need to have their hair done. You can get an auto responder from either aweber, getresponse, etc and you can easily find the websites of these businesses by using your search engine.

Facebook ad accounts are also useful to get quick information out to your existing and potential new customers, an example where this can be used is, when business is slow and a quick ad offering a 20% discount for immediate styling can be sent. The cost of these ads is small if you geographically target your audiance.  In a similar situation you could send out a bulk SMS offering the same deal.


Online Content

The content on your blog or website can be the services that you offer or just personal updates from you. If you learn a new technique and you want to invite some of your clients to come see if it would work for them, you can also have that on your site. The idea is to personalize it so that your clients will get to know you better and it will also remind them to come and see you.

You can also mention if you move from one salon to another - this will help make sure that your clients know where to find you.

Many potential clients will also use the Internet to try and find a hairdresser. You can use this to your advantage if you have an online hairdresser site.



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